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A prayer plaque featuring characters from the Love Live! anime franchise is hung at Kanda Myojin in Tokyo. A character from the anime was made the shrine’s official mascot in 2015 to attract fans from the nearby pop culture district of Akihabara. Susann Schuster/Unsplash

Japan’s largest financial newspaper, the Nikkei, coined the term “Animenomics” in 2014. A nod to the growth-focused economic policies of then-prime minister Shinzo Abe, the term points to the efforts made by private businesses and local governments to use anime to revitalize different sectors of the Japanese economy.

Today, the global anime industry is approaching ¥3 trillion (US$21.5 billion) in value, with markets outside Japan driving most of the growth. Anime and manga are no longer just the realm of fans. They are big business, and the news reporting should reflect that condition.

Animenomics’s mission is to make the business of anime and manga accessible to fans.


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Richardson Handjaja writes about Japan’s anime and manga industries. He was previously news managing editor at MyAnimeList, the world's largest anime and manga community website.